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Python based Paymo API

So I think I’ve written before about the cloud based time tracking software I use; Paymo, well I’ve been working on a project to improve the invoicing side of it. Paymo does produce invoices but I find they’re a little bland, and they currently don’t meet the requirements set out by the ATO, so I have to produce my own manually.

This being a time consuming process I thought I’d automate it, and combining another side project I figured why not use it as a chance to improve my Python and Django skills. So it was a very nice relief to find that someone has already written a Python based library to the Paymo API – http://scardine.github.com/paymo/. Although it shouldn’t really come a surprise, part of my deciding what coding language would be a good choice was finding out what kind of community support and adoption each language had. So I guess it’s really confirmation of some research and means I chose wisely; young Jedi.

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