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XenServer Quirks part 2

So this past week or two I’ve been playing quite heavily with Citrix XenServer and found it has a few little quirks that weren’t fully documented anywhere.

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Just found a very annoying bug in RANCID 3.1, which also exists in RANCID 3.0 All the documentation for the proper configuration of your router.db file says it must be in the format hostname:manufactuer:status However when trying to do a rancid-run

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Unable to assign D: on Windows Server

I recently had a minor issue trying to assign a drive letter to a newly attached drive. Technically is was a Virtual Disk under XenServer but that’s mostly irrelevant. The symptoms were that under “Disk Management” I could see the

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Peculiarity rewriting HTTPS in IIS8

Playing with rewrite rules in IIS8 and trying to get it to redirect http request to https, I found that if you have the “require SSL” tickbox selected it will not process your https rewrite rules. For reference here’s the

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F5 Buys Linerate Systems

F5 SDN Architecture

Recently F5 announced their purchase of Linerate Systems link. So why is this news? Well it’s the latest in a series of purchases by all the major players. VMWare bought Nicira link, Cisco didn’t acquire anyone (yet) but they’re making

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