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XenServer Quirks part 2

So this past week or two I’ve been playing quite heavily with Citrix XenServer and found it has a few little quirks that weren’t fully documented anywhere.

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F5 Buys Linerate Systems

F5 SDN Architecture

Recently F5 announced their purchase of Linerate Systems link. So why is this news? Well it’s the latest in a series of purchases by all the major players. VMWare bought Nicira link, Cisco didn’t acquire anyone (yet) but they’re making

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Lessons learnt installing Citrix XenServer 6.0.2

After banging my head for nearly 3 days straight I finally got this HP MSA Array to talk to Xenserver 6.0.2. What should’ve been a simple point click next, next install turned out to be not quite so straight forward

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Not a bad day’s work

I do like the feeling when you actually achieve something. Meetings, planning and discussion all have their place but at the end of the day it’s about the result; probably why my slogan is making IT happen.

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