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F5 Buys Linerate Systems

F5 SDN Architecture

Recently F5 announced their purchase of Linerate Systems link. So why is this news? Well it’s the latest in a series of purchases by all the major players. VMWare bought Nicira link, Cisco didn’t acquire anyone (yet) but they’re making

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Configuring a Cisco 887 and Telstra 3G WAN

Cisco 887VAG Router

Recently I had to configure a Cisco 887 (specifically an 887VAG) for connecting via Telstra’s 3G WAN service. Whilst there are several guides including Cisco’s own excellent documentation nothing was exactly what I was looking for so I thought I’d share

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Openflow and Software Defined Networking

Recently I’ve been getting very¬†excited¬†about Openflow and it’s various interrelated projects under the banner of OpenStack, particularly Quantum and Open vSwitch. Whats got me going about this, in particular, is it’s providing the ability for people (admittedly not ordinary people)

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Do it right the first time

While not wanting to sound like I’m flogging a dead horse, having the right people with the right expertise and experience can be invaluable, and sometimes that means independent advice. Take this photo for example.

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Fitting out the new Data Centre

This is what my day today entailed. Not a bad way to spend an afternoon, but it will be better when it’s fired up.

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